Why Tech Companies Love Atlanta

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Lots of total talent – Georgia Tech, Emory University, and Georgia State create a strong and deep pool of young IT professionals for companies to choose from.

Atlanta is the email marketing capital of the world – major players like SilverPop and MailChimp are headquartered here. ExactTarget, who purchased Pardot from David Cummings for $95 million last year, is also relocating their regional headquarters to Atlanta.

Abundance of opportunity zones – Atlanta makes it easy (and attractive) to relocate your business and provides great incentives and tax breaks for creating jobs.

Lower cost of living – compared to other US cities, Atlanta has a relatively low cost of living (which great for employers and employees alike). Residents find they don’t have to make as much money to enjoy a similar lifestyle as those living in a bigger city.

Convenient transportation – besides having the world’s busiest airport (Hartsfield-Jackson International), Atlanta’s public transit system, MARTA, is “key to attracting tech employees.” Living in or around Atlanta makes business travel convenient and more affordable.

Receptive market – Atlanta is extremely receptive to and embraces technological advancements. On top of that, Atlanta is not quite as advanced technologically as cities like New York, LA, and Chicago, so there is still huge room for movement and growth.

They’re not alone – Atlanta is home to more than 250,000 It professionals and 13,000 tech companies , including major players like Pandora, Square, AirWatch, ExactTarget, Pardot, Search Discovery, TapJoy, and Oglivy & Mather.


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