Why Central Perimeter is the Place to Be


Central Perimeter

It’s no secret that the Central Perimeter submarket has exploded in recent years, especially with the space absorbed by State Farm and AirWatch in the past 18 months. But why is it that these mega-corporations are choosing Central Perimeter over the historically more popular (and prestigious) Buckhead, Midtown, and Downtown submarkets. Sure, one reason is because Central Perimeter could can actually accommodate huge expansions and relocations (well, at least they could at the beginning of 2012). But the companies who are making the decisions to put offices in this submarket are interested in much more than just available space.

Most companies, especially those putting their offices here, agree with Dunwoody Mayor Mike Davis in that the Central Perimeter area attracts the kind of employees they want to hire; said differently, this area invites the right kind of demographic. Millennials currently make up about 36% of the workforce and will account for more than 75% of it by 2030. Millennials tend to gravitate towards urban life and centers and want to “live where they work.” This demographic is demanding areas that appeal all areas of their lives, including shopping, dining, housing, and entertainment. It is because Central Perimeter fits this needs that it will continue to attract a strong, young workforce.


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