Vonage Plans Big Expansion in Atlanta


When Vonage purchased Vocalocity in 2013, they made Atlanta its “business solutions” headquarters and employed about 300 people here, about 25% of their workforce. Attracted by the deep labor pool and relatively low cost of living, Vonage has decided to expand its Atlanta presence, although it doesn’t plan to relocate the global headquarters to the city – yet. Vonage has decided to expand their Atlanta presence and is currently eyeing an available two-floor sublease at 3200 Wildwood, which would allow the company to consolidate their current offices in Pershing Point Plaza and Alliance Center. Vonage’s current RFP is for up to 70k SF of office space.

In coming years, Vonage could shop for as much as 200k SF in the Buckhead, Midtown, Central Perimeter, and Cumberland-Galleria submarkets, the hottest markets for recruiting and maintaining tech-industry employees. These submarkets also have to most access to public transportation and are least disruptive to the commutes of those already employed by the company.


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