UPS Expands 90,000 SF in Atlanta, 800,000 SF Worldwide


Due to the explosive growth of the healthcare industry in recent years, UPS has decided to prepare itself for the next generation of specialized healthcare distribution by tailoring all UPS Healthcare facilities to meet all applicable US and Canadian government accreditations and licenses and expanding almost 800,000 SF nationwide. Ups believes it will thrive as healthcare shipping demands increase due to their ability to provide time, temperature, and humidity controls in all of its Healthcare facilities. In Atlanta, UPS added more than 90,000 SF within its two existing facilities. Here’s a look at UPS’s nationwide expansions:

City, State

Expansion (SF)

Total SF

Louisville, KY 225,000 SF 1,000,000+ SF
Mira Loma, CA 220,000 SF 350,000+ SF
Atlanta, GA 90,000 SF 200,000+ SF
Reno, NV 55,000 SF 155,000+ SF
Burlington, Ontario, Canada 200,000 SF 600,000+ SF


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