Upgraded Stadium, Upgraded Community

FBS -Downtown West

Above: Friendship Baptist Church

What’s the use in having an upgraded Falcons’ stadium if the area around the stadium isn’t upgraded as well? That was the thinking behind Friendship Baptist Church’s partnership with McCormack Baron Salazar to revitalize the area around the new stadium. McCormack Baron Salazar is a development firm specializing in working with faith-based organizations to rebuild communities. FBS is already referring to the revitalized area as “Downtown West,” which is expected to ultimately include housing, retail, and other community amenities, including the new location of Friendship Baptist Church. Because FBS is championing the redevelopment of the community and not just the buildings that comprise it, a major part of Downtown West’s redevelopment efforts will be towards community-based amenities like rec centers, day care facilities, and the like. Although the project is still in the very preliminary stages, it is expected to cost tens of millions before it’s all said and done.


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