Tyler Perry’s Ft McPherson Deal and How it’s Rubbing People the Wrong Way

Tyler Perry mug

Tyler Perry struck a deal to redevelop a large part of Ft McPherson into his new production studio. Although the deal has yet to be finalized, it’s been suggested that Tyler Perry will pay about $30 million for this portion of the former Army base. The deal is expected to close on October 15th. Tyler Perry’s vision for his new studio includes five sound stages, a post-production facility, and a theater. This new studio would further strengthen Georgia’s growing position in TV-related industries and could create as many as 8,000 new jobs. In the agreement struck with the McPherson Implementing Local Redevelopment Authority (MILRA), MILRA would keep 144 acres of the Ft McPherson property to be used for economic development purposes.

While Tyler Perry and Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed are big fans of the proposed agreement, many people and organizations have voiced their concerns. One of the most vocal opponents of the plan is Democratic Senator Vincent Ford, who sent a letter to the secretary of the US Army in an effort to halt the progression of Perry’s deal. His main reason for opposing the deal is that it goes against many of aspects of the plan for the property that was put together in 2007 when the Army decided to vacate the base. According to Ford, the plan was developed with a lot of input from the surrounding community and was supposed to include a mix of housing, commercial businesses, and a research park. Ford said that the impromptu deal with Perry “represents an abandonment of the approved comprehensive reuse plan and is a betrayal of the citizens of East Point and Atlanta.”

The MILRA has already voted to start the negotiation process with Tyler Perry for his new studio, and could sign off on the deal as early as this coming Friday. Time will tell if the Senator’s efforts to derail the transaction are successful.


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