Three More Skyscrapers for Midtown?

98 14th Street

After state and local funding fell through on a new concert hall for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, the 4.5 acre parcel at 98 14th Street sat vacant all throughout the recession – until this week. Plans were recently filed to develop an enormous mixed-use project that could add three towers to Midtown’s skyline. NY-based Ashlkenazy Acquisition Corp purchased the land and is working with design firm Arquitectonica; together they plan to construct three towers, which would include 90,000 SF of retail space, 1,300 residential units, 340 hotel units, and 1,500 parking spaces. One of the towers is speculated to be 60 stories tall, which would make it the tallest building in the city by 5 stories.

The project is large enough to qualify as a “development of regional impact,” and the firm has filed all of the necessary paperwork with the city to move forward as such. If approved, the project will be the largest since 12th & Midtown broke ground in 2006.



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