Three Midtown MARTA Stations Get Makeover

midtown alliamce

MARTA has joined forced with the Midtown Alliance to renovate three major MARTA stations in the submarket, which many hope will change the way people use the transit system and commute to and from their jobs in Midtown. Traditionally, MARTA has been responsible for the safety and operations aspects of the transit system but has not had the extra funds to spend on maintaining and updating the system’s access points, namely the train stations. In recent years, MARTA’s reputation has declined, helped by altercations that led to police intervention and generally unclean conditions for patrons.

The Midtown Alliance wants to show people that MARTA is clean and safe – and one of the most efficient and convenient ways to get to and from work in Midtown.  The Midtown Alliance has realized that the three major MARTA stations in the submarket are severely underutilized and are looking to invest money into making improvements that change the way people see MARTA in Midtown. 96% of all buildings in Midtown are within a six-minute walk of one of the three major stations, and the Midtown Alliance realizes how great of an asset MARTA could potentially be.

The Midtown Alliance has already received $120,000 from various Atlanta regional organizations and continues to raise more in preparation for the renovations, which are expected to cost as much as $11.6 million. The organization will continue to look for funding through both private and public channels. They began issuing RFPs last spring and have been working with various design firms to see what can realistically be expected to come from the changes. Most of the money raised will go towards improvements to stations’ access, safety, lighting, landscaping, art additions, and updated signage.

The three stations undergoing improvements are:

The Arts Center – $4,828,121 in planned improvements

Midtown Station – $2,937,257 in planned improvements

North Avenue Station – $2,961,724 in planned improvements


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