The Four Things You Need to Know About Data Centers

Data Center Interior

  1. Location is not as important as it used to be. In recent years, second and tertiary cities have received much more attention when it comes to data centers. Data center decisions are more being made based on things such tax incentives, energy costs, etc. than they are made based on the city in which the property is located.
  2. The Cloud is here to stay. While just a few years ago the concept of “the cloud” was simply a creative idea tossed around by IT nerds, today we are all faced with the reality that The Cloud is here and not only is it not going anywhere, it is collapsing standard IT and telecomm as we know it.
  3. The Cloud needs protection. When The Cloud first hit the scene, most companies were so concerned with data security that they opted to keep security concerns in-house. But as the technology has evolved, so has the ability to secure the data companies work with. Healthcare and government agencies, which are commonly believed to contain the most critical and sensitive data, have even begun trusting outside Cloud security companies to protect their data.
  4.  We’ve got to keep going no matter what. Hurricanes along the coasts and superstorms in the Midwest have highlighted the important of disaster recovery and business continuity plans in different areas of the country.

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