The Big Problem with the Braves’ Land in Cobb

Braves land

Since the Braves’ announcement of their eventual move to Cobb County last fall, have you wondered how they managed to get their hands on 82 acres of untouched, wooded land so close to the Perimeter? The Braves organization wondering the same thing – that is until the result of the recent environmental study came back. It is now clear that the reason this land wasn’t scooped up and developed by anyone until this time is because there is not one, not two, but three natural gas pipelines running directly through the land; two of the lines are owned by Colonial Pipeline and the third is owned by Atlanta Gas Light Company. The Braves are too far in to back out now so the team will pay a reported $14 million to reroute the gas lines, which must be done before any other improvements on the land can be made.


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