The Beltline Put on Blast by Wall Street Journal

Beltline III

Atlantans aren’t the only ones noticing that the Atlanta Beltline, the proposed 22-mile trail connecting more than 40 intown Atlanta neighborhoods, is taking much more time and money to complete than we originally thought. Despite years of effort, only 7 of the 22 miles are currently open; the other 15 miles are yet to be acquired and/or developed. Funding for the project seems to be the largest issue, and there have also been some legal issues slowing progress on the project. Some feel as though the Atlanta Beltline Inc., the organization responsible for overseeing the Beltine’s development, have gotten a little ahead of themselves by trying to move forward with both the walking trail and transit portions of the project without having secured even a fifth of its required funding. These critic feels as though they need to choose one portion and focus on making that a success before tackling the other portion.


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