Tech Firm Relocates from NC to ATV


Yet another tech firm has decided to relocate their HQ operations to Atlanta. Groundfloor, a real estate-focused crowdfunding operation, will move their headquarters from Raleigh to Atlanta, where they will take space on the ground floor of David Cumming’s Atlanta Tech Village. Groundfloor recently raised $1 million in seed money, part of which they will use to fund the move. One of the biggest reasons Groundfloor decided to relocate to Atlanta is the market’s receptiveness to the crowdfunding movement; crowdfunding is the new investment trend that allows unaccredited investors (people like you and me) to make smaller-scale investments. In the past, companies weren’t allowed to receive funds from unaccredited investors, and to be an accredited investor required a substantial amount of money to be invested (more than $10,000). After a few years of feet dragging, the SEC finally approved regulations needed to begin crowdfunding. Since that time, many have viewed Georgia as one of the most “forward-thinking” in terms of crowdfunding.


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