State Farm to Sell Campus in John’s Creek

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State Farm has made headlines in Atlanta for over a year now, gobbling up vacant space and office buildings as quickly as they can get the deals done, paving the way for a probable regional consolidation of offices to Atlanta. They’ve scooped up more than million square feet of office space in Central Perimeter in the last year alone, leasing space at Terraces and outright purchasing Hammond Exchange and the vacant land attached to the parcel.

State Farm is making leasing news again, but in a slightly different way. State Farm is in talks to lease-back the buildings it currently owns in their John’s Creek campus. State Farm wants to sell the building as part of a 23-building portfolio to a single buyer, and will has signed a ten-year lease with two renewal options for the space it currently takes in the buildings. State Farm reps say that consolidation efforts are aimed at cutting costs and boosting efficiency and collaboration.


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