Some Downtown Residents Cheers as Braves Pack Their Bags


Community and business leaders alike have voiced their discontent and concerns over the Braves’ 2017 departure from Turner Field and Downtown Atlanta. But not everyone is sad to see them leave – in fact, the neighborhood surrounding the stadium is pretty happy about the organization’s decision to move the Braves to Cobb County when their 20 year lease at Turner Field runs out.

On December 2nd, the Organized Neighbors of Summerhill, a group that represents the area including Turner Field and the surrounding area, voted 17-13 NOT to support a resolution to work with Atlanta City Council and Fulton County to persuade the Braves to stay. Many residents feel that the Braves haven’t added value to their property or neighborhood, and have in fact brought in some undesirable elements that have reduced the values. President of the Organized Neighbors of Summerhill said that she is excited for what’s to come; when the Braves leave, Summerhill will have to be one of the first places redeveloped, and she feels that it will bring nothing but positive things to the community.


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