Scoutmob’s Co-Founder Seeks “Space with a Story”


Scoutmob is one of Atlanta’s most successful start-ups; the company provides location-aware coupons to users on their mobile phones at no cost to the consumers. The idea is to “create better locals” – Scoutmob encourages people to get out in their community and participate and support local eateries and boutiques, and save a little money while they’re at it. And now Michael Tavani, he co-founder of Scoutmob, is working on a new concept that he hopes will take hold just as Scoutmob has.

Essentially, Tavani wants to create an incubator aimed at building design and consumer-brand start-ups; he hopes that this concept would help kick-start design-focused start-ups in a city most known for big, global brands (Coca-Cola, ATT, Cox, TBS). Tavani describes this as his “passion project” and says that Atlanta has lost way too many creative minds to other cities simply because we don’t have any kind of environment to foster these kinds of opportunities. And with the number of art schools in and around Atlanta (including SCAD, The Art Institutes of Atlanta, Portfolio Center, The Creative Circus), there’s no reason for our talent to leave.

Tavani is actively scouting the city for location for his new project. He says he is looking for “off-beat” spaces in south Downtown and the Westside with “an interesting story.” Perhaps the best fit he has run across thus far has been the wedge-shaped Flatiron Building, which includes a warehouse and fire station. This building could definitely accommodate the 100-150 start-ups he hopes to one day house in his incubator, but no decisions have been made. Tavani hopes to have selected the site by the end of the year.

Tavani claims he will remain a part of Scoutmob and has assured the real estate community that his recent searches in the market for space have nothing to do with Scoutmob’s current lease at 590 Mean Street, which still has another year remaining.


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