Portfolio Management Simplified

We meet many corporate professionals who are also responsible for their corporate real estate.  Due to the nature of real estate leasing, it is the expirations that typically drive the action of real estate.  Therefore, the real estate component is usually not the number one priority.  However, real estate is one of the top four expenses of a company.  By taking a strategic approach to the management of real estate, companies are able to implement controls and set standards that will drive down costs and increase efficiencies.  If you do not have answers to one, or more, of the following questions, it may be time to explore the value of portfolio optimization.

  1. Is the decision making process for your facilities centralized or decentralized?
  2. Do you have a complete inventory of your leased/owned properties?
  3. Are you using a lease administration software or tracking critical dates in Excel?
  4. How is your real estate currently measured (Key Performance Indicators)?
  5. What processes are in place for initiating or starting a project?

Wildmor Realty enjoys a rewarding history of consulting with companies who recognize value in strategy.  Our job is to explain how portfolio management implementation will add value, save time and create corporate cost savings.  We are able to augment your existing infrastructure or be your outsourcing partner.

Contributed by Jenny O’Donnell.


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