Ponce City Market Gets Incubator Space


We reported a few weeks ago that ScoutMob co-founder Mike Tavani was scouting the Flatiron building to redevelop into an incubator space. Now, however, it looks as though he has set his sights on a different space for his incubator – the Ponce City Market redevelopment in Midtown. Sources say that the incubator will take about 30k SF initially and could expand as to as large as 50K SF in coming years.

This $2 million incubator is little different than some of the other incubators popping up across the city. Where most incubators focus on and attract tech-industry start-ups, the one in Ponce City Market will focus on design start-ups. Tavani said that Ponce City Market was a perfect fit for the space, which Tavani wanted to be authentic and to have a unique story. In addition to the design-focused space, an artist workshop will be constructed into the space, which Tavani hopes will turn the space into destination for non-employees as well.


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