Please, Pulte!

Pulte's Current HQ in MI

Pulte’s current HQ in MI

Atlanta wants to be the home of Pulte’s new headquarters – bad. PulteGroup Inc., who is currently headquartered right outside of Detroit, announced yesterday their intention to relocate their headquarters. A headquarters relocation would bring as many as 310 jobs and $10 million in investments.

In an effort to sway Pulte’s decision makers, state and local agencies have offered upwards of $3 million in incentives ($1.5 million from state funds, $1.5 million from local funds) for Pulte to use for things that infrastructure and equipment. PulteGroup Inc. currently has an office in Alpharetta; the 90 or so people working in this office will likely be consolidated into the new space if Atlanta is chosen as the location for the new HQ.


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