No Conflicts of Interest

The freedom to independently represent one side of the transaction is crucial in serving the client’s best interests during the lease/purchase process. Because Wildmor works as an exclusive tenant or buyer advocate, we eliminate the conflicts of interest that can arise when representing both sides of a transaction.

Upfront Cost Definition
Unlike most firms, Wildmor Realty will explore all available options and define your costs upfront so there are no surprises at the conclusion of a project early and under-budget; we accomplish this by incorporating project management and move management into our process in order to give clients a full understanding of the process and ensuring that there are no surprises.

Full-Service Process
Wildmor Realty is a “full-service” real estate firm. Where the majority of firms disappear after the execution of legal documents, Wildmor’s relationship with its clients extends past document execution to seamlessly incorporate project management and move coorindation, benchmarking, and quality assurance.

Complete Confidentiality Guaranteed
Wildmor understands how critical confidentiality is to our clients’ success and we pride ourselves on maintaining the highest level of privacy throughout the entire process. Non-Disclosure Agreements are executed between all companies and individuals involved in the process, including Landlords, vendors, project managers, and real estate professionals.

Best in Class Network
Wildmor Realty is a member of Exis, a global network of commercial real estate experts that currently spans 19 countries across the globe. As a member, Wildmor is able to ensure that our clients receive the most relevant and accurate real estate information and services, regardless of location.