Wildmor’s unparalleled value to their clients are the metrics and accountability through their Six Sigma training and implementation. Wildmor has developed a program to Define, Measure, Improve, Analyze, and Control – the foundation of Six Sigma as it correlates to measuring real estate performance. Wildmor has had great success using the systematic, process-driven approach to value creation and looks forward to applying it in the future.

Wildmor’s approach to transaction management is driven by the guideline of providing solutions through teamwork. This commitment to teamwork allows Wildmor to provide consistency in strategy and execution, regardless of the various types of transactions required by our clients (e.g. acquisitions, dispositions, leasing). Wildmor believes in servicing the clients completely, not just helping with one phase of the process. This complete process-based approach allows us to create vastly more value and flexibility across your portfolio. In fact, it is in our spirit of flexibility to offer and suggest solutions outside our initial scope of work to improve your real estate performance.

Under the leadership of the Account Management team, each transaction will be driven to success by following the same process. We break each transaction into four phases, which are then divided into related steps or disciplines:

Performance Assessment