New Tech Lab Turns Heads in Atlanta


Tech dream team Paul Judge and Allen Nance have joined forces once again to create their sixth company together – Tech Square Labs. Judge and Nance say that Tech Square Labs is unlike any incubator or accelerator problem because it is neither an incubator nor an accelerator program. Where incubators foster start-ups for years on end and accelerator programs push out 15 new companies every 12 weeks, Tech Square Labs will focus on the pre-revenue companies – essentially companies who have nothing but ideas; Tech Square Labs will take an operating role in the start-ups and help them recruit, train, and develop their product or service. Another way in which Tech Square Labs differs from other start-up focused companies in which they won’t focus on an “everybody wins” mentality; both Judge and Nance have said they are in this to make money, and their ultimate goal is to “build companies, build value, and build money.” Tech Square Labs will take an equity stake in companies and participate as founding members upon their successful launch.

Tech Square Labs will be located in a 20k SF space in Georgia Tech’s Technology Square in Midtown. While an exact location has yet to be determined, they have narrow their options to three and are expected to make their selection in the next two months.


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