Morris Brown to Sell Majority of Campus Land

morris brown

In 2002, Morris Brown College lost its accreditation (and most of its student and facility population) after college management misused money from federal grants for student loans, which in turn cause organizations like to United Negro College Fund and the Atlanta University Center to sever ties with the school. In 2012, the college was forced to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy just to keep the bank from taking the campus. And now, after several sets of plans have fallen through with various developers and real estate firms, college reps have reached an agreement to sell the majority of the 35-acre campus. The Morris Brown land has been in the spotlight since the Atlanta Falcons announced plans for their new stadium, which is just a little west of the Morris Brown campus; most speculate that the land will have a major importance to the redevelopment that occurs as the new stadium nears completion.


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