More Hoops to Jump Through for the Braves


According to the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority, the Braves have a lot of work to do in terms of establishing a plan for pedestrian access to their new stadium in Cobb before plans can be submitted. The GRTA gave the Braves a long list of pedestrian-related improvements to tackle, including access along all roadways, traffic signal coordination, signage on interstate ramps, and transit shuttles. Although the GRTA’s recommendations are not technically required to be carried out, the state would run the risk of losing GRTA funding on other projects if their concerns are not heeded on this one. Cobb County Commission Chairman Tim Lee says that he agrees with all of the GRTA’s recommendations and is even looking to bring in third-party partners to ensure the best plans are put in place. One aspect of the Braves’ plan that should help ease some of the pedestrian-related concerns is the pedestrian bridge that will space across 285 and provide pedestrian access from inside the Perimeter. Final plans for the bridge have yet to be determined but those close to the overall project are confident the bridge will deliver alongside the stadium in 2017.


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