Money Owed to APS Could Delay Beltline Construction


In 2005, Atlanta Public Schools and the City of Atlanta entered an agreement to help speed the progress of the Atlanta Beltline Project. The agreement stated that the Beltline project could use a portion of the school system’s property tax dollars as long as the city made fixed, annual payment to offset the losses; the first payment of $19 million to APS was due in 2013. They did not receive it. Sources from the city as well as The Atlanta Beltline Inc. have stated that the economic downturn is the reason the city hasn’t been able to make a payment and that the current economic conditions should warrant a restructuring of the agreement. Reps from APS said that although the school system is open to talks with the city, it doesn’t erase the fact that they are owed almost $20 million. Reps also said that until this matter is resolved, APS will block the sale of bonds using their tax increments that would be used to hasten the progress being made on the Beltline.


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