MARTA Takes Station Improvements to the Next Level


Over the past several months, we’ve reported on the redevelopment of several MARTA stations, including Avondale and King Memorial. It seems as though MARTA is taking station redevelopment to the next level, as it has issued “Requests for Expressions of Interest” to all developers that have ideas for converting the air space above MARTA stations into something useful and productive. Adding amenities to in-town stations is expected to spur additional investment in surrounding areas and increase overall MARTA ridership, and several development firms have already signed up to play parts in the renovations to stations like King Memorial. Sources say that MARTA is trying to capitalize on Atlanta’s “apartment fever” and see how many developers would be interested in working on top of existing stations since so many are interested in working projects close by. While they wait for responses to the Request for Expressions of Interest, MARTA is moving forward with the renovation of three more station projects, including Brookhaven, Medical Center, and Fort McPherson.


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