MARTA Station Lands Mixed-Use Development

walton MARTA

The 4 acres next to the King Memorial MARTA Station on Decatur Street is currently a parking lot used by Grady Memorial employees and patients. Developer Walton Communities, in partnership with MARTA, wants to change that. Walton Communities has purchased the land and, if plans are approved, will develop 386 apartment units and about 13,000 SF of retail space on the site. Walton, like many development firms, wants to join the multi-family “boom” Atlanta is currently experiencing and sees these units as a preferable destination for the Millennials look for transit convenience.

MARTA has attempted a development like this before, but never on this scale. Many years ago, MARTA worked with Bellsouth and Carter to develop Buckhead’s Lindbergh Center. If the Walton development does well it could encourage similar developments around the city. Two years ago, MARTA established a list of 10 sites that could be evaluated as potential sites for mixed-use development.


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