MARTA Pushing For Georgia 400 Expansion


MARTA is planning its first expansion since the addition of the Sandy Springs and North Springs stations in 2000. Project managers from MARTA claim that expanding to North Fulton County makes sense, as we have seen tremendous population and employment growth in recent years. In order to better service this area, MARTA is planning up to 6 new stations that will cover the 11.9 miles from the North Springs MARTA station up to Windward Parkway in Alpharetta.

MARTA is planning a mix of heavy rail, light rail, and bus transit for the stretch along Georgia 400, although it is unclear at this time how much of each service will be utilized. Cost estimates will be released in the next few weeks. Heavy rail would be the most expensive option, but it would also attract the most customers; bus transit would be the least expensive option. The six stations are planned at Northridge Parkway, Holcomb Bridge Rd, Mansell Rd, North Point Mall, Old Milton Parkway, and Windward Parkway.



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