Major Improvements Planned for Windy Hill Interchange


For years, the intersection of Windy Hill Road and I-75 has been a traffic and accident nightmare for Cobb County. In an effort to alleviate some of the headaches caused by this interchange, major improvements to the 1.43 mile stretch have been planned since 2011 and are scheduled start accepting bids for the first portions of the project by the end of summer. The project will cost an estimated $41 million, funded partially through 2011 Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax funds and contributions from organization like the CCID, GDOT, and Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank grants. Many hope that by widening the roads and adding improvements such as medians that the number of accidents in this stretch will be greatly reduced; this interchange has more accidents than any other in Cobb County. Once completed, each side of Windy Hill will has an extra lane, 20 foot medians, and newly-upgraded sidewalks.

The project will be broken into multiple phases. The first phase includes three projects:

Windy Hill West – .74 miles between Cobb Parkway and the I-75 ramp
Windy Hill East – .37 miles from Interstate N Parkway to Powers Ferry Rd
Windy Hill – Far East – .29 miles from Powers Ferry Rd to Spectrum Circle.

It will take more than a year to prepare the area for these types of infrastructure improvements, as dozens upon dozens of utility poles and lines will need to be relocated to accommodate the widening of the roads, etc.

The second phase of improvements in this corridor will be the construction of a diamond interchange covered a .33 mile stretch of the I-75 overpass area. The diverging diamond will be created by reconstructing Circle 75, Leland Drive, and Interstate North Parkway West; after seeing the success of the diverging diamond in Central Perimeter, those in charge of the project are convinced that while it ultimately might not decrease the amount of time it takes to get through the interchange that it will certainly decrease the number of traffic accidents. The second phase will break ground several months after the first phase.


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