Major Changes in Store for Central Perimeter


The Central Perimeter submarket has drawn a lot of attention since 2012, namely because of State Farm absorbing millions of SF and essentially transforming the submarket from one of Atlanta’s most challenged to one of Atlanta’s most vibrant and bustling. As a result of State Farm’s leasing and now construction activity, more and more developers are attempting to break into the submarket with mixed-use, office, and residential projects to accommodate the future influx of people to the area; a great example of this is the three apartment towers that have broken ground directly across from where the new State Farm campus will sit. When the campus delivers, more than 8,000 people will work on site there every day, and they are going to need someplace to live. They will also need someplace to “play” and unwind, so the Perimeter Community Improvement District has proposed a five-acre park beneath the tracks of the Dunwoody MARTA station.

Developers aren’t the only ones trying to capitalize on the recent revitalization of the submarket. City and county officials are working with MARTA to possibly expand rail service north of the North Springs MARTA station up through Windward Parkway. Additional rail service would decrease the amount of traffic from those commuting to, from, and through the area, which is currently a major deterrent for those looking to work in town but live outside the perimeter. Plans for additional rail service have yet to be approved, but most speculate it would be a 10-20 year project to build five new stations and a dozen additional mile of track.


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