Kroger Just the Beginning for Fort Gillem

gillem logistics center

Just a few weeks after grocery giant Kroger Co. announced their plans to take a portion of Fort Gillem for an enormous refrigerated distribution center, we learn that Kroger’s move is just the beginning of Fort Gillem’s transformation. After years of negotiating, the major of Fort Gillem’s land has been turned over to Forest Park officials, which is the first step in redeveloping Fort Gillen from a vacant and unused Army base to one of Atlanta’s largest logistical parks.

Starwood Capital has joined forces with Weeks Robinson Properties to transform Fort Gillem into Gillem Logistics Center, a state-of-the-art logistics hub with unparalleled access to 675, 75, and the Atlanta Airport. The first step in renovating the 1,000 acre project will be widening Hood Avenue and improving the ingress/egress from Moreland Avenue. There are also several brick buildings scattered across the property that will need to be demolished to make room for Kroger and its future neighbors.

Fort Gillem is a great example of the redevelopment trends sweeping across the US market. In years past, companies were looking away from major cities to develop their manufacturing and logistical operations; as online shopping has become more pervasive, however, companies are realizing the importance of interstate and airport access. A similar, albeit smaller, project is taking place near the Fulton County Airport where $150 million in redevelopment is underway on a portion of the land.



  1. April Owens  September 1, 2015

    When can civilian can start applying for this job?

  2. April Owens  September 1, 2015

    When can civilian start applying for this job?


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