Ken’s Foods Expands McDonough Operations


Since the recession hit several years ago, industries like food service, automotives, and logistics have been the driving forces in keeping the Southeast’s industrial market afloat. Food companies have been among the most active in expanding their operations and distribution networks. Since the downtown, major food service providers like Kroger, Kraft, General Mills, Diamond Mills, and Smuckers have consider either considered locating or actually located distribution centers in Georgia.

The newest powerhouse to make headlines on the industrial front page is Ken’s Foods, the Massachusetts based company best known for their over 400 varieties of salad dressing. The company has experience tremendous growth the past few years and has decided to expand their distribution facility in McDonough. They’ve purchased a building at 210 Interstate South for an undisclosed amount. Company sources have not released any information on the number of jobs that could be added at the facility after the move is completed.


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