Ironworks Gets a Makeover


The 1.6 acre iron foundry in West Midtown that has been home to Ironworks International since 1998 has been sold to Westside Ironworks LLC, a partnership because the founder of The Shopping Group and the founder of Stein Investment Group. Westside Ironworks LLC plans to invest $6 million to redevelop the foundry into approximately 18,000 SF of retail space.

Spokesmen from Westside Ironworks promise to “work with what [they] have” and maintain the heritage of the building, which includes 30 foot ceilings, iron trusses, wooden beams, and oversized doors and windows. The development team plans to make the exterior of the property look like individual storefronts and keep the interior very similar to its current look.

The purchase of this iron foundry is just one piece of the push to bring new life to West Midtown, which has historically been an industrial district. Easy access to Buckhead, Midtown, and Downtown, as well as unique and authentic structures and buildings has proven attractive to some national retailers and local tenants in the past months, and most speculate that this trend will continue as the West Midtown makeover unfolds.


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