Integral Dropped the Ball – Big Time


The Atlanta Braves weren’t the only organization showing interest in the BF Saul property, land that could ultimately become the new “Braves Country.” The Integral Group had the land under contract immediately prior to the Braves putting claim on it.  While company sources didn’t announce the exact reasons they decided to let the land slip through their fingers, they did confirm they let the contract lapse a few months ago; it was also stated that the company was unaware of any interest from the Braves organization.

While Integral missed the boat, some others jumped aboard. Scott & Associates purchased Circle 75 Office Park at a huge discount on October 24th, just one week before the Braves made their announcement. Hugh Scott Jr. of Scott & Associates says that he had no idea that the Braves had picked the land up, only that someone had. While Hugh expressed his excitement for what the plans could mean for his recent investment, he also voiced come concerns; Scott fears that traffic and construction could potentially make life rough for current and future tenants.


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