IHG to Construct New HQ


Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) has been scouting locations around the perimeter for their new headquarters. A 550,000 SF RFP was submitted on IHG’s behalf mainly around the Central Perimeter submarket. IHG’s current headquarters is located in the 814,000 SF building known as Three Ravinia, which has currently drawn interest from another Central Perimeter major player – State Farm. Leasing agents for Three Ravinia are already in talks to relocate several tenants in the building in order to make room for the 100,000 SF State Farm requirement.

Between State Farm and Airwatch, the largest blocks of office space in Central Perimeter have already disappeared from the market. That’s not a problem for IHG, however. They’ve decided to anchor a new office building, built to suite their specific requirements. Sources have not speculated as to where potential sites could be located within the submarket.


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