Home Depot Considering Expansion Near Vinings HQ

home depot

It looks as though the Braves might have to share the Cumberland/Vinings spotlight with another major player in the Northwest submarket, at least for a little while. The Home Depot, whose 1.7 million SF headquarters, is looking for up to 300,000 SF of expansion space near its current location in Vinings. Because most of the buildings in the area cannot offer Home Depot the 300k SF of space it’s seeking, most speculate that the company will look to develop a mid-rise office building in the immediate vicinity.  According to company sources, Home Depot is looking to consolidate the workers scattered in various office buildings in the area into one collaborative space that will encourage better communication, functionality, and ultimately production. A newly built-out office so close to the new Braves project could also play a major role in recruitment for the home improvement company.

Home Depot has been busy in the Atlanta market for several years, even in the face of the economic downturn that stunted the expansion and development plans of most companies in the city. Home Depot renovated one of their office complexes, cut the ribbon on a new e-commerce facility, and opened a new call center in Kennesaw during the recession.


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