Gwinnett Braves Attracting More Multi-Family

Gwinnett Braves

When we hear “multi-family” in this post-recession climate, our minds generally jump to Midtown and Buckhead, where the majority of multi-development is currently underway or schedule to break ground in the next 12 months. And when we hear “Braves,” we think of the organization’s new stadium and mixed-use development in Cobb County. Now what if we told you that major things were happening that involved both the Braves and multi-family development and it didn’t have anything to do with Midtown/Buckhead OR Cobb County?

Brand Properties is developing a multi-family-focused mixed-use project surrounding the Gwinnett Braves stadium in Buford, and they have recently broken ground on their third apartment project. Two apartment projects have already completed – The Highlands and The Overlook – and this 206-unit building is expected to deliver in November. Between the three, Brand Properties controls almost 1,000 units near the minor league stadium. To accompany the residential buildings, Brand Properties is constructing “Homerun Alley,” a 50,000 SF mixed-use building that will border the outfield fence; the building will house about 25,000 SF of restaurant and 25,000 SF of retail space. A spokesman from Brand Properties said that the company is hoping increased multi-family will spur increased retail development in the area.


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