Georgia Taking More Steps to Become the South’s “Hollywood”

film production

Georgia’s film industry has exploded over the past several years and has resulted in the creation of almost 78,000 jobs since 2012. As more and more television and movie productions are filmed and produced here, we are finding that our supply of skilled labor just isn’t enough to keep up with demand; studios are having to bring in their own audio technicians, engineers, and the like because they can’t find the labor locally.

The state would like to change that, though. After all, what’s the benefit in drawing television and movie productions here if they aren’t supplying jobs for Georgians? That’s why the University System of Georgia has dreamed up the “Georgia Film Academy,” a unification of state schools’ film-related programs that would help to train students for industry-specific work. The program is still in its beginning stages and will begin moving forward once those involved can complete their evaluation of the film industry and what kind of labor and skills are in highest demand. Though in its beginning stages, a program like this would go a long way in bolstering Georgia’s reputation as the Hollywood of the South.


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