Georgia State Sets Sights on The Ted

GSU Plans for Turner Field

Georgia State University has recently established itself as a major player in the Atlanta commercial real estate game with huge investment purchases like 55 Park Place, 40 Pryor Street, and the Atlanta Life Financial Building. There have even been rumors that GSU was considering the possibility of purchasing Underground Atlanta, which is currently for sale by the City of Atlanta, although nothing more has come of that. It looks as though GSU’s next big project will focus on a place that has already been the center of much controversy – Turner Field. GSU has teamed up with developer Carter to propose a $300 million redevelopment of the 77 acre site. The preliminary proposal submitted to city officials included a 30,000 seat football stadium for the school’s young football program, a new complex for the baseball team, student and non-student housing, and retail. Officials with the school stated that this would be a great investment for GSU, not only because of the expanded footprint but because it would allow the school to offer more traditional, campus-centered experience than it has ever had room to do before.


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