Georgia Gets Low Marks on Infrastructure Report Card

infrastructure report card

Every 5 years, the American Society of Civil Engineers “grades” the country’s largest cities on their infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and mass transit systems. Atlanta received low marks yet again this year, the same overall “C-“ grade it got in 2009. The state’s most embarrassing marks came from our dams and transit systems, which both received “D-“ grades. The only things that Georgia seems to be doing even remotely right are our energy and rail systems, which received “B” marks. A spokesman from the American Society of Civil Engineers stated that Atlanta is too big of a player in the global economy to have such ailing infrastructure. The report also noted that only one state spends LESS money per year on per-capita transportation funding and transit spending per resident.

Here’s a quick summary of Georgia’s Infrastructure Report Card:

  • 484 high-hazard dams
  • 878 structurally deficient bridges
  • 19% of major roadways are rated as “poor” or “mediocre”
  • Poor road quality costs drivers an average $60 each per year
  • $8.9 billion is needed to maintain and upgrade drinking water systems
  • $89 million is needed to maintain and upgrade waste water systems
  • Ranked 49th in per capita spending for transportation and mass transit systems

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