Description of Cobb’s Reversible Toll Lane Project Released

cobb reversible lanes

As the Braves get underway with their Cobb development, the GDOT is moving forward with their own major Cobb project. A plan was released this week that outlines the GDOT’s plan to install four new exits and two reversible lanes on the west side or I-75. The project will span 30 miles and is expected to break ground this September. One of the reversible lanes will be added to I-75 just north of where it meets I-575, and the other will be added to I-575 itself. The reversible lanes will move South during morning rush hour and North during evening rush hour. No word yet on where they are planning to locate the toll booths.

The four new exits will only be used to enter and exit the reversible lanes, according to the GDOT’s plan. The new exits will be located at non- I-75 exit locations, so many hope that they will ultimately reduce traffic on I-75. The new exits will be on Roswell Road (near the Big Chicken), Terrell Mill Road (between Delk Road and Windy Hill exits), in Cumberland where I-285 and Akers Mill meet.


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