Demolition Begins Next Month on Doraville GM Plant

GM redevleopment

We reported a few days ago that Egbert Perry and The Integral Group was preparing to close on the former GM site in Doraville for about $60 million. While the final price was not disclosed, it has been announced that the deal is done and the land is now controlled by the development firm. Now the firm is focusing on demolishing all of the existing structures and removing about 78,000 tons of scrap metal and materials; the demolition could begin as early as next month.

So what will this new development include? The Integral Group is still trying to figure that out. They have been interviewing design and planning firms for months but have yet to announce a final decision. Rumors have been swirling around the projects, and we’ve heard that the site could become anything from a massive medical campus (after all, it’s about 5 miles from “Pill Hill” and the CDC has been looking to expand for a while) to a corporate office campus to a clean technology manufacturer.

One thing about the GM plant development is clear – it will be transit-oriented. The Integral Group has been in talks with railroad company Norfolk Southern, who has a rail line separating the GM plant from the Doraville MARTA station next door; the developers would like to build a pedestrian bridge to connect the development to the MARTA station, and sources say that Norfolk Southern has been reception to the idea. Atlanta Regional Commission member Dan Reuter said that this could potentially be the largest TOD in America.

Regardless of what the site becomes, Perry and The Integral Group have the opportunity to develop a project that unifies the broken Brookhaven-Chamblee-Dunwoody-Norcross area. The area has suffered from political instability, which in the past has driven potential developers away from the property (the Braves didn’t even consider the site for their new stadium project). If the GM plant redevelopment is successful, it could go a long way in helping the area “re-brand” itself as a community while simultaneously infusing additional tax revenues and increasing employment figures.


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