Data Centers Must Evolve


Data center activity is starting to recover from the economic downturn a half-decade ago, and Atlanta is poised to make big moves in the industry in coming years. Major data center users like AT&T are becoming less concerned with the exact location of their data centers – they only care about their data’s accessibility. This could give Atlanta a boost where they have historically lost competition to bigger cities like New York.

According to experts in the data center market, Atlanta’s best bet is to continue to invest time and money fostering and incubating start-ups. Atlanta has always had a “problem-solver” mentality, which promotes the perfect environment for developing disruptive innovations, or new technologies that create a new market and disrupt an existing market and value network. As the trend of major companies dropping R&D departments in exchange for acquiring small tech start-ups continues, most expect Atlanta’s role in this industry to grow exponentially. Atlanta might not attract Google, but they could attract the next Google.


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