Court Appoints Receiver of Buckhead West

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A court has appointed Lincoln Southeast LLC, a branch of Lincoln Property Company Southeast, as the receiver of Buckhead West. Buckhead West is a 110,000 SF office complex located near the intersection of Howell Mill Rd and I-75 and within walking distance of the Howell Mill Village shopping center. While the building has received interest from several multifamily and medical office groups, it looks as though this space best fits the needs of tech tenants and creative firms as evidenced by the recent deals done here with movie and TV production companies.



  1. Randi  November 24, 2015

    I’ve lived here for 4 years now and I still get lost running sotimemes. There are some good looped routes from Midtown to the Highlands and back .big surprise it can be kind of hilly but pretty easy to navigate! And not as traffic heavy.Big Peach has a good 10k the Monday of Labor Day wknd if you are looking for more races


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