“Code School” Comes to Atlanta, Guarantees Job Upon Completion

iron yard

While Atlanta has done a lot to attract established tech firms and tech start-ups in the past couple of years, there’s one thing the Atlanta market has been missing compared to other tech markets like Austin and Silicon Valley – specialized, skilled talent. One company hopes to change that. Iron Yard, the consumer version of Big Nerd Ranch, is a three-month program that trains student in relevant programming language and trends; the program costs student $10,000 apiece, but also guarantees you a job upon successful completion of the program. The Iron Yard programs will be run out of Atlanta Tech Village, David Cummings’ technology haven that was once known as Ivy Place. When asked why Iron Yard chose Atlanta as the next location to host its program, compan7y executives said that Atlanta is the business capital of the Southeast and that all of the nearby colleges will mean a lot of student looking to expand their knowledge base.


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