Cobb County to Vote on Final Plans with Braves


After months of speculation and planning, the Cobb County Commissioners are set to vote on the final development and construction agreements between the Braves and the county; if everything happens the way John Schuerholz hopes, Cobb will approve all the agreements and give developers to green light to break ground on the new stadium. If the plans are approved, the stadium and mixed-use development will be one of the first major athletic projects to deliver in a single phase, that is the stadium and mixed-use portions of the development will open at the same time. Schuerholz predicts that the amenities included into the mixed-use portion will reduce congestion before and after games, as many people will come earlier or stay later to take advantage of the offering. Another aspect of the development that is expected to alleviate traffic concerns is the developmentā€™s 14 access points; this should allow patrons easier ingress and egress than what is currently available at Turner Field.


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