City to Sell Atlanta Civic Center

Atlanta civic Center

Despite objections from several members, the Atlanta City Council has voted to turn over the Atlanta Civic Center to Invest Atlanta and allow them to sell the asset on their behalf. The Atlanta Civic Center opened in 1967 on 18 acres at the intersection of Piedmont Ave and Ralph McGill Blvd and was once to center of cultural activity in Atlanta. Since that time, newer and more impressive facilities have been constructed and many of the acts that once performed at the civic center began using these other venues. Invest Atlanta will seek bids from developers who would like to renovate and reposition the property, although many council members were uneasy with the idea of turning over the asset to a developer without having any say in what the property becomes; the Atlanta Civic Center is in a part of town starved for revitalization and the city wants to ensure that the whatever developer wins the bid transforms the property into something in line with the city’s goals for the area. In order to appease these councilmen, it has been decided that all RFPs must be submitted to the Atlanta City Council for review before they can be approved. Speculation around the redevelopment include multi-family, retail, and office space for Georgia’s growing Film and TV Production industry.


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