Braves Project to Focus Heavily on Entertainment Aspect


Reps from the Braves organization have said all along that their new Cobb development would include a mixed-use component, but until now very few details have been leaked. Braves President John Schuerholtz has finally divulged some insights as to what is being planned in addition to the ballpark itself. Schuerholtz has mentioned the possibility of a bowling alley as well as a movie theater, but perhaps the most exciting aspect of what Schuerholtz eluded to was the possible music/concert venue that could be included in the $400 mixed-use portion of the project. According to Schuerholtz, they are currently in negotiations with two major players in the entertainment industry that could ultimately lead to the Braves’ venue hosting major events like the X Games and having a constant stream of shows and concerts featuring stars like Taylor Swift and the like. Schuerholtz’s vision for the new stadium is that is be active 365 days a year and not just during the 86 home games; adding a entertainment component like the one he described could certainly attract the entertainment currently being hosted at places like Chastain Park and Phillips Arena.


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