Braves Hit Parking Snag

parking problems

One of the major reasons the Braves cited for moving their stadium from Turner Field to a new location in Cobb was the lack of parking available for the downtown stadium. It seems as though parking will continue to be a thorn in their sides, at least for the time being. According to proposed stadium plans, the development will only include about 6,000 parking spaces on site, far less than they would ultimately like to have. This means that the organization has been forced to look elsewhere for solutions to the parking problems.

Members of the Braves organization have met with several property owners near the stadium site, but it seems as though most of their negotiations for parking spaces have been shot down. Connie Engel, who runs the Galleria development directly across I-285 from the new development, has said that although the Braves’ offer was intriguing, she felt as though it would be in the best interest of her tenants to decline the offer, which is reportedly running about $100 per parking space. Braves reps have also met with Scott & Associates, which purchased a nearby office park just weeks before the Braves’ announcement, but nothing substantial has come from those talks, either.

Despite their lack of success with property owners thus far, the Braves are confident the parking situation will be worked out by 2017. Reports have surfaced that reps from the Braves organization have started meeting with property owners as far away as Powers Ferry Rd, which would lead one to believe the Braves might be considering some kind of parking shuttle system to lots farther from the stadium. Once the parking mess is sorted out, the Braves will be able to move forward with the proposed changes to pedestrian access as well as the ballpark’s ingress and egress situation. Sources close to the project say that this development is more complicated than regular mixed-use projects because they are having to plan around “peak periods” of activity, namely baseball season, instead of planning for a constant stream of patrons.


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