Braves’ Cobb Location Already Attracting Multi-Family


Atlantic Realty Partners has purchased an 8 acre parcel next to the new Braves development in Cobb as the future site of a 600-unit apartment project. Atlantic Realty Partners paid a reported $7.6 million for the land and plans to break construction into two phases; the first phase will be a five-story building with 320 units and the second phase will include 285 units and break ground about 12 months after the first phase. The buildings will feature rooftop terraces with views of the field and accompanying mixed-use development. Atlantic Realty Partners is working with Carlyle Group, which has plenty of experience in multi-family projects centered around sports venues; Carlyle was a key firm behind the construction of Wrigleyville, the multi-family development surrounding the Chicago Cubs stadium.



  1. Ignacio  August 29, 2014

    Proposed project.


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