Big Nerd Ranch Expands


Big Nerd Ranch

This past February, we reported that mobile app developer Big Nerd Ranch was expanding their headquarters at Kirkwood Ironworks from 6,300 to 15,550 SF, a major addition of 9,250 SF. They had just joined forces with Highgroove Studios and employed about 100 people at the time.

It seems as though their plans for the expansion have put on hold for the time being. Instead of adding space to their location in Ironworks, they’ve decided to lease 15,000 SF at 200 Arizona Ave. They signed a 7 year deal for the space, which is located about 1 mile from their current headquarters; they’re hoping to consolidate a portion of their workforce into this new space. Spokespeople for Big Nerd Ranch decided to stay in the Kirkwood area its employees live in the area and utilize the access t public transportation to commute to work.

Big Nerd Ranch has made a name for itself over the years by offering multi-day retreat-style training programs at one of their secluded ranches. BNR current has ranches in Atlanta, northern California, and Amsterdam. BNR is planning a second ranch in Atlanta, expected to sit on 20 acres and cost $7.5 million; it will be located near the airport.


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